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Are your patient experience scores where you want them to be?  Are you challenged with low morale & high turnover?

Carol is a thought leader, problem solver, & motivational guru in healthcare front line operations.  Her energetic delivery addresses complex issues in a way that is simple, memorable, and relevant. Focus on often overlooked, simple principles like connecting process (what & how) with purpose (why) can trigger positive change in behaviors & outcomes.  Carol's passion for engaged caregivers is contagious.  Her insights inspire an environment that champions excellent service resulting in an improved patient experience.

Organizations that invest in their talent realize higher productivity, improved internal engagement, and external loyalty.

If you are planning an event, there are a couple of things you should know... whether you are a seasoned planner or this is your first time booking a speaker, Carol makes it easy.  She is accessible, responsive, and flexible.  You are one call away from ensuring an amazing event.

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