Keynote Speaking

Conferences, Conventions, Corporate Events.

Main stage, Breakout Sessions, Workshops


Partnering with you to provide objective insights, careful analysis, & thoughtful recommendations to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Life Coach

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Advisor, Confidant, Coach

The Speckled Egg Principle™ Applied

Every organization has individuals whose talents, gifts, and skills that have not been identified.  Those untapped resources can be purposefully developed and leveraged to move the organization forward.  Find out how your organization can impact culture & morale, foster strong leader/staff relationships, and simultaneously elevate the customer experience through application of The Principle.

Teaching, Coaching and Consulting

Whether your group is small or large, The Speckled Egg Principle™, will bring the best out and inspire all in the process!

What's Next?

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