I recently saw a sheep herding video.  Several people wanted to try their hand at getting the flock to follow their commands.  It looked easy enough.  The shepherd taught the right words to say to those who wanted to try their talent at shepherding. The sheep were in a pasture minding their own business while the people took turns trying to rally the sheep toward their voice. As they shouted the chant, they tried to mimic the voice inflection of the shepherd.  Over and over they tried … and failed.  
Sheep herding wasn’t as easy as it looked and the sheep weren’t as gullible as anticipated.  Sheep need direction and shepherding from one whose voice they both recognize and trust.  
When the shepherd, the leader the flock knew, chanted the same words he taught the others, the sheep turned and looked toward the voice.  They did not move immediately.  They recognized the voice.  A second time the shepherd chanted.  The sheep turned again toward the voice and the flock began to move in the direction of the voice of their shepherd.  
Sheep are followers.  They move together.  They wait to hear the voice of the one whose voice they know.  They look first and then turn together to take the next right step. They trust the voice that is consistent and calls them in the direction they should go.  
How many times do we do the same thing as leaders?  We have teams that need shepherding.  They need a consistent voice they can trust.  The leader sees the big picture and knows the right direction for team members and for the organization. Leaders spend time with their teams, earn their trust, and establish themselves as the voice of truth.  Do your teams know your voice?  Do they trust you to lead them in the right direction?


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